Prime Minsters of Sudan

1954 - 1956

Ismail Alazhari

Born in  October 20,1900 in Omdurman .graduated from American University in Beirut 1930 in Mathematics.He worked as secretary general of Graduates Congress (GC)in 1939 then  president of GC in 1940.After we was appointed as chief of Unioinst National (UNP) in 1952. However, he took post of first prime ministers and minister of Interior on 9/1/1954. He participated with other national forces in the independence of Sudan in 1/1/1956 and he continued as prime minister. He was aappointed as head of Supremacy Council in 1 june 1965 up to 25 may 1969. he died in August 26,1969



Abdella Bey Khaleel

Born in 1988, joined the Egyptian army during 1910-1924, then with Sudan Defense Force during 1925-1948. he was the first Sudanese to reach rank of admiral.

He was one of the founders of Umma Party (UP) in 1945 he was elected secretary general of UP in 1948. He was also elected member of parliament for East Dafur constituency 55. He took premiership during 1956 –1958.





Ibrahim Ahmed  ‘Abood  

Born in town of Mohamed Gol Red Sea region in 1900. He was graduated as engineer from Gordon Memorial College in 1917.consequently, he joined the Military College and graduated in 1918 as lieutenant in the Egyptian army. He was promoted through the military hierarchy up to general in August 15,1954  then lieutenant general in January 6,1957. 

He took post of commander general of Sudan Army as second Sudanese national in April 4, 1956. Also, he took  post of Supreme commander of armed forces and Prime minister in November 18, 1958. 




Seralkhatim Alkhalifa

Born in 1919 in Duweim White Nile region, and graduated from Gordon Memorial College (Teachers School) in 1937, then he Joined Oxford (1944-1946).
He worked as teacher in Teachers Training Institute in Bakhtelrida 1938-1944. Promoted to teaching inspector for Equatoria Juba during 1950 – 1957 then he worked as director of education of southern regions 1957 – 1960, eventually dean of Khartoum Technical Institute 1960 – 1964.

He was appointed prime minister of October first and second transitional governments 1964 – 1965, Ambassador of Sudan Rome 1966 – 1969, London 1968 – 1969, advisor of minister of High Education and Scientific Research 1972 –1973, minister of Education and Higher Learning 1973 –1975 then advisor of President for Education 1982  - 1985.






Mohamed Ahmed Mahjoob

Born in 1908 in Duweim White Nile region,and was graduated from Gordon Memorial College (Engineering School) in 1929, then he obtained BL in law in 1938 .He worked in the judiciary till his resignation in 1946 to start barrister career . He was elected member of Legislative Assembly then quitted it in 1948. In 1957 he became foreign minister, also in the period of October government he took also the foreign office. During the Second Democracy he became prime minister in 1967 and in 1968 he took prime minister besides foreign office . His works comprise “Local Government” , “Democracy on Trial” a book of verse “ Lost Paradise”,he also wrote in collaborationwith Mohamed Abdelhalim “ Death of a World” . in addition to articles in Nahda and Fajr newspapers.



Sadig AlMahdi


Born in Omduraman on 12/25l1935. Graduated from School of Economics Oxford in 1957 and obtained MSc from the same university. Worked in Ministry of Finance in 1957 and resigned in November 1958. During Abood regime he joined opposition, and was elected in 1964 as head of Umma Party. He took prime minister post during the Second Democracy (07/27/1966 – 05/15/1967) , again in the Third Democracy he was elected as prime minister in April 1986 up to June 1989. He wrote a variety of political and intellectual books such as: (Southern Question) (What is Mahadism) ( Future of Islam  in Sudan)  (Legal Punishments in Islamic Social System) ( Democracy is rational and promising in Sudan) ( the Nile Bliss and Curse) ( Homecoming from Enlightenment to Success) . 

May - October


Babiker Awadalla
Born in 1917 in Giteina White Nile Region and graduated from Law School Gordon Memorial College. He worked as speaker of parliament in 1954, and in 1964 he became Chief Justice .During May regime he took prime minister from May 1969 up to october1970.



1969 - 1976


Ja’afar Mohamed Nimeri

Born in 1930 in Omdurman, and graduated from Military College . he obtained master of military science from USHe worked as an officer in the armed forces before becoming head of Command Council of May Revolution(1969-1972) .Throughout his career he took many ministerial posts such as : minister for Foreign Affairs(1970-1971) , the n minister of Planning (1971 –1972) . He was elected as president in October 1971 up to April 1985. He also, took post of president of the Socialist union (1972 –1985). After April Upheaval he stayed as a political refugee until his homecoming in 2000.




August 1976 -

September 1977


Rasheed Altahir Bakr


Born in Karkoj Blue Nile region in 1930, graduated from School of Law Khartoum University in 1958.

He too posts of minister of animal resources then minister of justice in October government in 1965. again minister of justice in Mahjoob governments in 1968 –1969. An ambassador of Sudan in Libya in 1972.

He was member of the political bureau in the Socialist Union, secretary general of farmers in 1972. He took secretary general of factional organizations. Minister for Animal Resources then ministers for Justice in 1974. He was dismissed from office in 1974 , he returned to barrister career before being appointed as vice president and prime minister from 1976 to 1979 then speaker of the Peoples’ Assembly in 1979.

He worked as attorney general from 1983 to 1985 , then president assistant for legal and political affairs in march/April 1985.


April 1985 -

May 1986

Dr.Aljazooli Daffa' alla

Born inMadani, was graduated from Faculty of MedicineKhartoum University  in 1959, obtained fellowship of Royal College London in 1969. He went to Japan on a study mission where he specialized in digestive system endoscopes and stomach cancer.
He worked as a specialized physician in Gadarif Hospital then in Khartoum Bahri hospital. He took secretary of Organizations Front during October Revolution 1964 in Rufa’a and its villages . he participated in several medical conferences and seminars at home and abroad. He worked as Doctors Dean 1982-1985 and head of Sudan Medical Association. After April Upheval he was elected as prime minister in the transitional government 1985 1986.




June 1989 - present

OmerHassan Ahmed Albashir

Born in Shandi in 1944, was graduated from Military College in 1967. obtained master of military sciences in college of staff in 1981, then master of military sciences from Malaysia in 1983 besides fellowship of Sudan Academy of Administrative Science sin 1987. He worked in the western Headquarters 1967-1969 , then the paratroops 1969 – 1987untill he was appointed commander of the 8th Garrison Infantry 1987 – 1989. in 30 June 1989 he took prime minister and head of the Revolution Command Council since July 1989 up to October 1993. Eventually, he was elected as president , and according to the constitution he undertakes both posts of president and prime minister .