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The Embassy sent the following message of condolences to the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (Office of Protocol):

The Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Ottawa presents its compliments to  the Department of  Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (Office of Protocol) and has the honour to express its deepest condolences and sorrow for the loss of life of the fine young man, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, which was was perpetrated by a senseless act committed by a disturbed individual 

The Embassy would like to commend the role of the esteemed Department, His Worship the Mayor of Ottawa, the Police Services, the RCMP, and Other Security Services for the expeditious handling of the situation, which affirmed the sense of security.

The Embassy while extending its condolences to all Canadians, would like to call upon its dual citizens to act responsibly, the way they always do, to nourish the freedom they enjoy in this country and to observe their responsibilities under the law. 

The Embassy of the Republic of Sudan avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Department of Foreign Affairs   Trade and Development (Office of Protocol) the assurances of its highest consideration.



This is a must read publication for Hunters of lucrative opportunities! Our Ministry of Information prepared this comprehensive guide detailing the myriad of opportunities awaiting savvy investors to tap in.


This an article authored by Patrick Johnson, a contributor to under the title:

Sudan’s Energy Industry Eyes a Comeback

The Embassy of Sudan in Ottawa invites the Business and Investor Communities in Canada to parse through the opportunities presented. If they find a match that interests their future expansion plans, they are cordially invited to contact us via e-mail

The embassy will do everything in its power to facilitate your projects and make your trip and stay in Sudan a memorable and enjoyable experience.


The Cooperation Agreement Between Sudan and South Sudan

Sudan and South Sudan parliaments ratify the cooperation agreement (Oct 18, 2012)

Parliaments of Sudan and South Sudan ratified the cooperation agreement they signed in Addis Ababa on the 27th of September. The Sudanese parliament committees issued a joint ratification report on Wednesday (October 17) approving the cooperation agreement and accompanying deals signed with South Sudan. The parliament’s committees of legislation and justice, foreign affairs, national security and defense, human rights, financial and economic affairs, energy and industry, labor and public grievances discussed the agreements and issued a joint report of ratification. The parliamentary committees in their joint report emphasized the importance of monitoring the implementation of the agreement, and recommended that the implementation of the cooperation agreement to be closely linked to progress in impleme nting the security arrangement deal on the ground. The speaker of the parliament Sudan, Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Tahir underlined the need for a continuing communication with South Sudan to avoid possible misunderstandings, and urged the media to cease criticizing and demeaning the deal while South Sudan's President Salva Kiir noted some misunderstandings on the part of some activists on the agreement reached. On Tuesday (October 16), an overwhelming majority of South Sudan lawmakers voted in favour of ratifying the deal in its entirety.

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Peace in Darfur



Darfur Peace Agreement



East of Sudan Peace agreement


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